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. the nats win their first game against the cardinals and football fans are wondering what is next for rg3. thanks for staying up with us tonight. >> it was a day like none other. two huge games on the same day, being played at the same time. many fans headed out to sports bars today to watch both games. the skins took on the undefeated falcons and nationals playing in their first postseason game in decades. >> absolutely red all the way through. if i could do red, burgandy and gold, it would be it. >> it was a difficult decision trying to decide whether to wear the national's jersey or redskins. i figured national's first playoff game, had to go with them. >> reporter: story of the day turned out to be robert griffin iii, when he left the game with a mild concussion. take a look. they lost at home to the falcons 17-24. nationals won in st. louis beating the cardinals 3-2. fox5's sports director scott smith will have all the highlights and tell us where things stand for rg3 coming up in the nissan sports xtra segment. >>> fairfax county police found a dead early this morning. the investiga
! >> and that three-run home run at the top of the 2nd pretty much told the tale for the nats. the team fell to the cardinals 8-0 to give st. louis a 2-1 lead in the national league division series. we've got team coverage of the game tonight. kristen berset will have all of your highlights a little later in sports and bruce johnson is taking a look at the politics around tickets to the game, but we begin with matt jablow live outside nationals park with some fans. matt? >> reporter: guys, pick your favorite adjective for a thorough thumping. they all apply to the game today. indeed the nats were badly beaten by the cardinals in game four and not surprisingly after the game nats fans were not the slightest bit happy. >> they had nothing. they had nothing today, but it's still a cool atmosphere. >> reporter: do you still have hope? >> yes, i do because there's two more games and we need to win them both and we're capable of doing so. >> reporter: but a disappointing game today? >> disappointment today but not the end of the world. >> first two innings really pumped up and wish things could
possible. let's get out live to dave owens in nats park where folks are just losing their minds. dave. >> reporter: let me tell you, derek, i hope you can hear me. 44,392 were here and this is what they're saying. >> let's go nats! let's go nats! let's go nat >> reporter: all right, all right. hey, you know, i'm going to try. i'm going to try there. you go. i'm going to try to calm them down here for just a second and talk to a couple folks. we got a little natitude right here. hey, buddy, how good was that game tonight? >> the best. >> they're the best! >> reporter: hey, the little guy says it. how about some other folks out there tonight. hey, you were here earlier. what was that ballgame like? >> the game was great. awesome, wasn't. >> reporter: jayson werth, right? -- awesome, baby. >> reporter: jayson werth, right? >> the man, greatist i've ever seen. >> reporter: i'm interested toen what the scene was like. we talked about 12 pitches and washington d.c. and baseball. we've talked about washington d.c. and baseball. what was it like just being out there tonight? what was it
leading news station, this is news4 at 6:00. >> tonight the beltway triple play. the redskins, nats and os all in action. i'm jim rosenfield. we have team coverage of all the games. darcy spence ser watching with the fans but we begin with carol maloney live at fedexfield and carol all this excitement kind of came to a screeching halt after that scary moment involving rg3. is he okay? >> reporter: he's okay. did he not go to the hospital after leaving the stadium. that's good news. the nats have work to do in st. louis and we will get to them in just a bit. multitasking gone on here in the sports world. first, there's a lot of hand wringing at fedexfield after what happened to robert griffin iii in the third quarter he went out with a mild concussion. he was wearing his pink arm band in support of breast cancer awareness month. game tied at 7. third and goal for the skins. griffin can't find an open guy. scrambles to avoid the sack and he's hit hard by sean weatherspo weatherspoon. griffin was slow getting up, dazed after suffering a mild concussion. kirk cousins, second drive, hook
comeback, depending on how you look at it. last night, nats players waited to jump on the field and celebrate their championship. it didn't work out that way. instead, st. louis charged how they celebrated on the infield at nats park. let's see how it all went down last night. the nats made an appearance early. bottom of the 1st, already 1-0. ryan zimmerman takes adam wainwright to deep right center. give the nats a 3-0 lead. bottom of the 3rd, a first inning triple with his first post season home run. that one is a no doubter and the nats were cruising. it was 4-0. later in the inning, michael moore says hey, i'm going to join the party. the nationals built a 6-0 lead after only three innings of play. so bottom of the 8th. that lead is now 6-5. kirk is up, two outs and he would provide some clutch insurance. adam laroche scores and the nationals are feeling good. leading 7-5, heading into the 9th inning. and drew is in to close it out. it is still 7-5. daniel up with the bases loaded and two outs. they need one more. instead, a hot shot off of ian desmond's glove into center fi
poured into nats park hoping for the biggest win in the team's history. game five still in progress. let's get an update from scott smith now. >> the nats got off to a great start scoring six runs in the first three innings, three home runs off the bat of zimmerman, harp earn and morse. the cards hanging around going -- harper and morse. the cards hanging around going into the top of the seventh, 6- 3 nats lead. 40,000 plus in attendance are hoping for a celebration tonight. bob barnard is with the fans at the stadium with more. >> reporter: nobody is going anywhere. these folks are up getting a smoke break here. the level of enthusiasm is tempered a little bit because the cardinals narrowed the heed to three runs instead of fix -- lead to three runs instead of six. we've got john from annandale. how you feeling about this? >> it's outstanding, last night's walkoff. it's great for the city. it's awesome. everybody is alive. >> reporter: take a look at this shirt, postseason. you're sticking aro >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: what do you think tonight? >> i'm thinking i want t
hosting the nats. a soft liner to right. nats getting an attitude, leading 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th. >> as we mentioned, suzanne kennedy is in st. louis. "she joins us now live outside of busch stadium. >> some money people have their sights set on this day since baseball returned to d.c. in 2005. take a look behind me pittsburgh transplanted. right now, it's the top of the ninth and we are up -- take a look behind me at the third base side. playoff baseball for nats fans. >> go nats! >> they have been season-ticket holders since 2005. >> we are so excited. it's our first playoff game ever. we are grateful our team is doing well. we are so proud. >> i do not think they had expectations to do so well this year. >> the gates open two hours before the first pitch they were among the first in the stadium. >> we have been a season ticket holders cents a game 1. >> i grew up an orioles fan because there was no team. i would really love to see an orioles-nationals world series. >> he made the trip of a lifetime with his 13 year-old son. >> it's great. now we get to see some of the good co
history. it wins the game. a walkoff home run for the nats. so they advance to game five, due in part to jason werth. >> that's what it's all about. that's what you play all season for. that's what you work all winter for. and you get to spring training early for. we've got a chance tomorrow to take the next step. i know my teammates will be ready, and the city will, too. >> i don't think -- i think i screamed so loud i threw up. it was unbelievable. i mean, that was -- what a great at-bat. he's one of the leaders on the team. it was awesome. >> and ross detwiler probably pitched one of his better game of the year. $126 million contract. after that game somebody owned mark leonard in the locker room, if nothing else happens with jason werth the rest of his career, is that home run worth $126 million? leonard said, it's been worth it for quite a while. doug kammerer will be joining me -- there you see the furry knuckles right there. >> numbers up for what's to come. thanks, dan 789 team coverage continues now with pat collins, who's outside the park where fans have been gathering all d
now, at 11:00, it is decisive game 5 here at nats park. when we win tonight, we'll go onto face the new york giants right after this. good evening. >> i'm doreen. we've grot some game 5 drama going on. the city is buzzing as the nats hope to keep their world series dreams alive. it all comes down to tonight. fans are ready hoping to come up with a win against the reigning champions of baseball. >> it was all the way back in 1933, i wasn't even around then. as it turns out, that 1933 world series was between the snat tors and the new york giants, remember them? now the los angeles giants -- new york giants. i'm sorry. did i say los angeles? los angeles is the dodgers. anyway, it's the giants that this team will be playing when they win this game tonight. >> we got to go inside. we've been inside for a while watching some of the game. nats park is packed. it's a sell-out crowd. they sold the standing room only tickets this morning. those were gone very, very quickly. it's a huge and enthusiastic crowd in there tonight. >> they're jumping, they're hot. they're waving those red towe
>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> pandemonium at nats park tonight, breaking news, the nationals clinch the national league east division title for the first time ever. thanks for joining us tonight. every shawn yancy. >> i'm will thomas in for brian. the celebration in full swing at the ballpark, more on that in just a moment from scott smith, our sports director, but fox 5's bob barnard starts us off with fan reaction outside the park. bob, take it away. >> reporter: there is some serious natitude here, we. look at shirts. they've already been printed and sold. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: let me talk to this man. this is brian from washington d.c. how you feeling right now? >> right, thank you. >> reporter: what is that like in there? >> overwhelming. it was great to see them win this national title. >> reporter: this happened a little bit in an anti-climactic way because the nats found out and all their fans at around 9:45 when the pittsburgh pirates up in pittsburgh beat the atlanta braves. so with that the nats became the national league east champions. here,
be a big night here in the nation's capital. >> we hope. so the nats could seal the deal by winning the national league east definition. our derek mcginty is at the park with a preview. >> reporter: we're a little damp at the park, but spirits remain high. part of the reason is as you said one game is all the nats need. we've got a special guest. i want to bring in somebody very important. his name is teddy roosevelt, one of the racing presidents at nats park. a lot of people think maybe this could be his year. maybe as the nats have begun to win maybe this could be his chance to finally win a race. teddy, is tonight the night? teddy says tonight could be the night. you know if you win, teddy, it's over, right? no more races. the shtick is done. you're going to win anyway? he says tonight's the night. there you have it straight from the mouth of teddy roosevelt himself. tonight is the night. for those of you saying let teddy win, he's in shape, he's been training. he expects to take the race tonight. of course, maybe it will be poetic justice because as we know the phillies are in
winning run nats nats the o's are still alive in the playoffs!what players and fans are saying this morning about tonight's must- win game. biden laughing nats nats the vicc joe biden into fits of giggles. the topics hat had him top.icans think came out on and... come down with a case of the ffidays?the percentage of emmloyers who will check p 3 3 friday,,octtber 12th. 3 3 3 3 3it ttok 133innings... and lasttd intoothe early mornnng hours.but the orioles pulled off a wwn against the yankeee... sending this playoff series nto game five. five.we spoke wwth the plaaers in the looker room after the game... and ttey re ... √°outspokee√° about the prrssure they're under. under.its enjjyable ut &pfreaknig stressful its one of those things its win or go home homethe series is now tied at and that means tonight... it's pie.mmgan gilliland s live from jimmy's ii fells point with fan reaction this orning. good morning guys, the o's avoided elimination andd beet the yankees... 2-1... in 13 innings at yankee stadium. &pthat's enough to wake up ann fan after a long night. fifth
training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >>> the nats will try to break the tie on their own home turf. we are live at nat park with a preview of all the excitement. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> good morning. big day out there at nats park. playoffs coming here. >> that's right history. >> this is huge. >> it is wednesday, october 10th. excitement is building. we'll check in with dave ross down at nats park in just a bit. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time now to check with the weather. >> you think one or two kids might be skipping school to see the game. i remember in the late 70s kipping school to go see the oriole playoffs. >> that explains why you didn't do so well in school. >> that particular year, i don't really remember. and the orioles lost the world series too. >> man! >> let's take a look. it will be fine today. it will be a lot nicer than it was yesterday. yesterday only in the 60s. today, close to 70. but more sunshine in the forecast as well.
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, but now this is years later and the nats have come a long way from those early days and things are a lot different, a lot better. we're looking at a playoff situation here tonight, game five of the series here in washington d.c. of course, we know about the miracle win from one night ago. i'm derek mcginty at nationals park in southeast where tonight the nationals will either end or extend their season. after winning game four in dramatic style last night, that walkoff homer from jayson werth, the nats face the cardinals, the world champions, i might add, in a decisive game five. first pitch 8:37, but the gates just opened up a few minutes ago and the fans are already pouring in. they are worked up, excited, dolled up in their nats gear. we go too ken molestina live outside center field -- to ken molestina live outside center field gates with more on all that excitement. ken. >> reporter: natitude is all over the place right now. the gates just opened up 6:00, these fans filing into the stadium. you can see just how excited they are for this game five. they've been waiting out here for
know how excited we nats fans were last night. how are the cardinals feeling? not too bad. right now he says look, we don't need a new speech. we know how to come to the park. we've had losses about. it starts all over again tonight. let's bring in dave owens who has some experience with this sort of thing himself. >> reporter: it's interesting you talk about mike matheny there, derek, this is a cool, calm, collected veteran laden group just last year against the philadelphia phillies here in this very situation game five on the road against philadelphia. they came through and won the game on their way to the world series. so this group, the cardinals, they know how to get it done in these game five situations. it's a pressure packed night and so as we say, the nats have not been here before. the cards have. will that make a difference? we'll just have to wait and see. what we do know is this. they won't be an easy out, but elimination game a different animal. every mistake is magnified. game 167 will be something never experienced before by these nats. are they ready? they say yes. >>
and it's fun to see paul wagner in a ballcap. >>> and did you watch the nats game? how did you show your team's spirit? fox 5 viewers sent us photos from the ball park and if you were at the park, bar, or work, e-mail us and go to and we'll post them. >>> a local university in the middle of the same sex debate. this is after accusations of an employee being fired or put on leave and voicing her opinion. >>> and this gorgeous weather didn't help one bit. >> and i think they would like it cooler, will. and we'll deliver that and a win against the cardinals. sorry, cardinals fans. we'll be bouncing back and have your forecast for the game and a look at the weekend in a couple of minutes. will. >> thank you, sue. >>> and if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line. this is the number: 202-895- 3,000 better yet, layiate -- lay it all out in an e mail and we'll check things out. send your tips to [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class
. good morning, monika samtani. go nats. >> we've got our red on. chilly night tonight. >> we'll give you highlights in a bit. >> i was home alone. i cheered. the dog came in and started to howl. i celebrated with her. it was all good. >>> weather wise let's talk about this friday morning forecast. jacket weather for sure. we've got some 30s in spots. maybe you need some gloves this morning as well. here's a look at the forecast. we start out here in town 48 right now. 52 by 9:00. winds are going to kick up later this morning as the front pushes through. there's not going to be much weathewith it except the winds. 61 by noon. a high about 63 maybe 2:00 or so. by 5:00 we're back to 59. so it will be a sunny but breezy day. a few clouds, even a few sprinkles with that front in ohio and pennsylvania but they're going to get squeezed out in the mountains. temperature down to 35 with light winds in martinsburg this morning. it's 37 in frederick. 37 in culpeper. on the flip side, look what the bay does to annapolis and patuxent river naval air station. they're close to 50 degrees. temperatures
now and tonight even colder, coldest night of the season coming up. if you're going out to that nats game, you'll need to bundle up. andrea said it first. i'm just repeat it. dress for football. gloves. 61 by noon. we've got a front on the way. it's going to come through mid- morning. the winds will start to kick up here out of the northwest at 10, 20 miles an hour, maybe gusting to 125 with a -- to 25 with a high of 63 at 2:00, 3:00. by 5:00 back to 59. on our way to 40 tomorrow morning in town with upper 20s north and west. this morning some clouds, a few stray showers here in pennsylvania and ohio. steadier rains up in new york state and northeastern pennsylvania. the chill is in the air, especially fort. 44 martinsburg in cumberland. frederick 36. manassas and culpeper 37. i heard from janet on the bay, 55. what a difference the bay makes this time of year. it is 6:00 a.m. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >>> we have one pretty big issue right now on the northbound side of i-95. good morning, everybody. on the northbound side near quantico, it's an overturned veh
baseball player. i challenged him with my 96-mile-an-hour heater and he just beat me. hopefully the nats can do more beating tonight as they take on the cardinals. gio gonzalez on the mound. a lot more coming up from the park in just a bit. guys? >> see you soon, dan. >>> it would be very hard to top the excitement of last night's victory. at least fans didn't have to oo. today was the start at 8:30. pat collins begins our team coverage. >> reporter: hi, doreen. baseball's all a history. and fans are hoping that the history they witnessed yesterday will repeat itself tonight. she saw it. >> incredible hit, yes. he wanted that home run. >> reporter: so did he. >> absolute elation. i was jubilant. >> reporter: in nationals baseball lore, this could be known as the at-bat. bottom of the ninth, score tied, jayson werth files off pitch after pitch. and then walk-off home run. >> looking up! way back! it's gone! >> reporter: i'm not one to be superstitious. just saying that yesterday was the -- >> tenth month. >> reporter: and the -- >> 11th day. >> reporter: in the -- >> 12th year. >> 13th pi
more loss and it is over for the nats. the st. louis cardinals have found ways to quiet the nats. the nats' bats, actually, they were outscored 22-7 and left 11 men on base while getting shut out. despite the setbacks. they have not pushed the panic button. >> we lost another battle. we have a couple more we need to win. >> we were not the best team in baseball for no reason. we have a good group of guys and we believe in ourselves. >> we have been a great team all year, played great baseball. we have a chance tomorrow. >> here is an interesting stat playing in the nats' favor. they have not lost back-to-back games at home since july 31 and august 1, two months ago. we'll see if they can get it done tomorrow. >>> tonight, we learn more about the company that made the steroid linked to a nationwide meningitis upbreak and an update on how many people are sick. >>> hear from the young woman that has the supreme court questioning whether race should play a role in college admissions. >>> here is the weather tomorrow. grab a jacket tomorrow. upper 30s to upper 40s at 5:00 and 7:00. bu
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. >>> here's the good and the bed news. nats win first game of the playoffs. >> you grind your way through it. >> but rgiii has a concussion. >> wasn't really sure what the score was, what quarter it was. we knew he had a mild concussion, at least according to the doctors. >> this is 9news now. >>> hello everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for staying up with us. the nats have one game in the win column, and tonight rgiii is tweeting that he hopes to play next week despite that concussion. diane roberts is here. >> hi, bruce. the redskins don't really have a home field advantage. entering today washington had lost eight straight at home, but the buzz, robert griffin iii has kept everyone excited. today washington's favorite son gave everybody a scare, and he scrambled for yards and gets drilled. griffin doesn't move at first. he ends up walking off the field of his own accord but he was diagnosed with a concussion. >> he wasn't sure what quarter it was in the third quarter. so at that time when he wasn't really sure what the score was, what quarter it was, we knew he had a mild concussion, a
'm pat law son muse. it was an unusual scene for sure. the nats didn't score a single run but they still got to celebrate as they made franchise history. now more on what lies ahead for the team. >> reporter: hey, jim and pat. i'm sure we all know the numbers. the first time since 1933. 79 years that we have a first place baseball team here in washington. davy johnson has been saying since spring training, it is a three-step process. first, qualify for the playoffs. second, win the division. and then three, win the world series. to win the world series though, it will help the nationals if they have home-field advantage. right now they are tied with the cincinnati reds for the best record in baseball. with two games to go, the nationals, if they win both, will likely have that number one seed. if they have that top seed, they will begin the postseason on sunday against the winner of friday's wild card game. if they don't, and if it is the number two seed, they will start their postseason in san francisco against the giants. two more to go. start tonight with the phillies here at nats par
. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? >>> the nats lost last night. this morning, they are celebrating a very big win. they clinched the nl east championship. we are live with reaction from the team and very excited fans. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> good morning to you. it is tuesday, october 2nd. live look outside right now at i-395 south of seminary road as we get things rolling on a -- we're celebrating the nats today. we'll call in t. an official nats day because they are the nl east champions. it is all good. they are going through the post- season as division champ. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's just talk with tucker because he has the shirt on. >> we all got it. >> we all have it here but you have it on. big win. >> i guess they gave this out to the players last night and to the fans at the game. now, they just need a little momentum to win a couple of games before the playoffs start and we're off and rolling. >> not done yet. >> popping bottles. >> the nats lost to the phillies
of the the bajas kept the nats' playoff -- the bajas kept the nats' playoff run -- of the bats has kept the nats' playoff run alive. >> fox 5 sports director scott smith? for our coverage tonight. what a game. >> you got to love playoff baseball. moments like tonight get seared into your minds forever, a special treat for folks at nats park, fair to say the biggest hit in team history. must win game four jayson werth at the plate, bottom of the 9th tied at 1-1 climbing out of an 0-2 count, the 13th pitch of the at bat, walk them off. werth delivers a solo shot heard run on the dmv. the nats even the series and storm the field, the sellout crowd going nuts, the hero leaping into the crowd waiting for them at home plate, 2-1 the final, lindsay murphy with more from nats park. >> reporter: scott, two years agent nationals signed jayson werth to a seven year $126 million contract to bring attitude and playoff experience to this ballclub and tonight boy, did that pay off as he hit a game winning walkoff home run in the 9th to force a deciding game five tomorrow night. >> no that's right now you los
ways to lose. it is about time. for the game itself, important there. nats 1 their 98th win of the season, more than any other team in major league baseball. that coupled with the meansal league's victory clenched home field advantage throughout the , through the world series. >> the nats game will be this sunday. >> the nats first home game will be during day 3 of the best of five series. from tonight. have much more coming up on the nats later in sports. beaten.year-old was >> i am bob ryan. some fog. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting... low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when? we are learning more tonight least one attacker who elderly man. >> this was in silver spring. tom roussey spoke with the victim's family.
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>> the nats park will be rocking today. the first ever home playoff game. a friendly wager that has been made between vincent gray and the mayor of st. louis. >> you can call it a different kind of platform for the wife of presidential nominee mitt romney. we will tell you about her guest hosting duties on good morning america. >> caught on tape. a hit and run. right there. the victim says he is lucky to be alive. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. this is good morning washington, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> some scary video and one lucky man. good morning. it is wednesday. >> i am cynne simpson. but go right to our meteorologist. a big day on tapp with the big game. >> a huge day. game 3 at the nats park. their first home play off. morning temperatures -- 46 in leesburg. cooler west of washington. oxon hill, 55. northwest, dc, 54. clouds this morning. that will give way to sunshine by this afternoon. a good amount of sun for the majority of the day. high temperature of 72 degrees. it's very comfortable day at the
the cardinals 8-0. kristin fisher joins us live from nats park with a look ahead at game four. mike thinks it's because we let teddy win. what are the nats saying about what happened? >> reporter: nats fans are just, you know, really hoping that we can pull out a win because i tell you what, one more loss and it is all over for the team with the best record in baseball. best record doesn't mean too much when you can't get any runs against the defending world series champs in the playoffs. yesterday it was a brutal loss. it was just so frustrating to watch for fans because there were so many wasted opportunities. in the words of jason wirth, we were just one bloop away from a totally different ballgame. yesterday they left 11 men on base while getting shutout 8-0. but despite the setback, the team hasn't pushed the panic button just yet. listen. >> we lost, you know, another battle. we've got a couple more battles we need to win. >> we weren't the best team in baseball for no reason. we've got a good group of guys here. there's no doubt we believe in ourselves. >> we've done a great job all ye
the nats are going to the playoffs and they got the division title. but there was still something to be played for here. not just to get the best record in baseball, but also the nationals trying to secure home field advantage with a win here today. pick this up in the bottom of the 4th. the nats are down one, but not for long. ryan zimmerman swinging the big stick. a home run for him. a solo shot to right, his 25th of the year. and edwin jackson shut down the phillies, struck out 6 in 6 2/3, allowed one run to pick up his tenth win of the season. nats up two. help power the nats over the phillies 5-1. now it's off to the playoffs. >> it's exciting. it's a lot better to have games to play. i think once we are finally done, however far we make it, hopefully we make it all the way and sit back and look at it. do the same things we have been doing all year and not worry about where we are going to play and whatever, so try to go in there and try to battle. >> we don't know exactly who the nats will face first, but it will be atlanta or st. louis. the nats start on the road this sun
, it's gone! [ applause ] >> he is worth every penny, jayson werth, the nats' $126 million man coming up huge with the game and really the postseason on the line. his bottom of the 9th walkoff solo homerun, the 13th pitch of the at bat gives the nats the 2- 1 win over the cardinals and sends the series to a game five tonight. >> that game gets underway tonight at 8:37. gonzalez will be back on the mound. >> speaking of pitching, nats' bullpen deserves as much as the credit last night, striking out nine batters in the last three innings. >> for more on last night's game and a look ahead at tonight, we turn it over to dave ross live at nats' park. good morning. >> reporter: you nailed it on the head, the bullpen was sensational last night. think about this, if strasburg was on this roster and he was pitching, detweiler would not have taken to the mound last night. he got inserted because of strasburg being shut down and boy did he hold his own in a big, big way. allowed three hits and one run and it was unearned. so basically, nobody could have done it better than detweiler. got it done
a dozen group homes in montgomery county. >>> the fbi wants your help to find a bank robber. he is a nats fan as well. in fact, he was wearing a nationals cap, a dark suit and a tie as the suspect demanded money from a teller at the bank at 1753 connecticut avenue last friday. after he left the bank, the fbi hailed a cab and got away. he is described as a white male, late 20s to early 30s. 5'6". between 150 and 190-pounds. >> we are now less than 24 hours away from the first professional playoff baseball game in washington in some 79 years. the series between the nats and the cardinals is now all knotted up at one game a piece. and nat fans can't wait for the first pitch of the game tomorrow. only problem, that 1:00 start announced only yesterday, which forces a will lot of holders to choose between baseball and going to work. >> it's been really tough to decide what to do. and me and some of my guys are just having to pass on tomorrow's game because it's at 1:00. >> that's a shame. >> it's terrible. it's killing us. >> the start time for game four between the nats and cards is bett
's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >>> our big story this morning, the first nats home playoff game since 1933 and it starts at 1:00 this afternoon and will likely let out at the height of the afternoon rush hour. so if you are riding the rails to and from the game, metro has some advice for you. >> you should try to avoid switching lines near round town so stay away from the metro center, l'enfant plaza and gallery place if you can. you might want to take the new jersey avenue entrance to the navy yard ballpark station because it gets less crowded and make sure you have your smart trip or fare card before you leave for the game to avoid long lines at the vending machines. >> today, game three of the series between the cardinals and nationals. the nats look to rebound from monday's loss way little home cooking here. >> the first post-season game in d.c. in 79 years is definitely a crucial one. dave ross is live at the park with a preview. dave? >> reporter: for the first time in 79 years, we've got playoff baseball in d.c. we've got a 1:07 first pitch t will be edwin ja
. the nats won a heart-pounding game against the cardinals last night. now all they've got to do is one more time. dan hellie down in nats park for more on this. >> this is why you do it, vance. why you grind out 162 games during the regular season. spring trning, if you're a fan, it's why you have season tickets. gave five of the divisional series tonight. the nationals sending their best pitcher to the mound, hoping to take down the defending world series champions, and move on to the national league championship series. last night made it all possible, though, because of one play at the end of the game. it was jayson werth. and what a play it was. let's look at how things went down. bottom of the ninth. epic at-bat by jayson werth. the highest paid player on the team delivers a maximum effort in a crucial moment. jayson werth, a walk-off home run -- look at the celebration there at home plate -- enables the nationals to advance to game five tonight. everybody realizes how big this is. especially manager davy johnson, who used to be the manager of the orioles. >> you know, i think it's gre
news from nats park tonight. the celebration's underway right now of the nationals lost tonight's game, but they won the nl east championship. the fireworks went off. the champagne bottles popping in the locker room and on the field. it's a huge night of celebration and relief for fans and players. let's get right to fox 5 sports director scott smith live inside nats ballpark tonight. >> reporter: order has been restored on the field, but the party continues downstairs inside the clubhouse. nats still going strong with that party. of course, i didn't plan on taking an early evening shower, but once i joined the party downstairs i certainly got that and more. they are going strong downstairs, rightfully enjoying this victory. of course, a 2-0 loss, but the braves' loss was the magic no. 1. braves lose. they win the nl east title. this is kind of the little trophy that i got, the t-shirt, the nl east division title t- shirt. they got something much better, the twist title itself. let's show you some of the earlier celebration -- the nl east title itself. let's show you some of the earli
to nationals park. do or die for the nats as they enter game five against the cardinals. live at the ballpark now. scott and lindsey. >> reporter: good everyoning from nats park. lindsey murphy and scott smith here. the nationals are taking batting practice. getting ready for an 8:37 game. game five of the national league division series. win or you are done for the year. >> this is playoff baseball. with the backs against the wall. last night, mark derosa gave the teddy roosevelt speech to the guys in the clubhouse. since davey johnson have something on par with that? maybe a rah-rah speech. >> i need to give a speech. these guys are pumped up. they don't need no motivation. geo was telling me days ago, we're going five. we're going five. don't worry about it. we're going five. and i said, what did i tell you? so these guys are all geared up at the moment. >> let's be honest. i don't think a whole lot needs to be said about this game tonight. >> let's swing it out to bob. what's going on out there? >> well scott, they just opened up the gates. right at 6:00, you can see they are open.
to you. >> looking forward to it, thank you, gwen. >>> coming up, it has been a bumpy 24 hours for nats fans. game five came down to the 9th inning in major comeback win. lindsey murphy was with the team after last night's devastating loss. she is up next. plus, they are cyclists who protect hundreds of workers for the walk. so when crooks tried to get in their way, sarah komen family sprang into action. that is coming up next and we will be right back.  take away his toys and he'll playay with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> i think a lot of us are trying to figure out what happened. what in the world happened? >> i don't think anybody has an answer.
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are taking on the cardinal. it is game five. >> it is the bottom of the 6th inning. the score is 6-3 nats. this is do or die. one team is going to advance, the other one is going home. and let's face it, this has been tuch fun for it to end right -- too much fun for it to end right now. let's go out to ken right now. are the fans feeling the flavor for victory? [ laughing ] . >> reporter: they have been feeling it all night. they continue to feel it. this game isn't even in t 7th inning stretch yet as you mentioned. bottom of the 6th. it's 6-3. i don't want to jinx it, but it's looking really good for the nationals. you know, we've seen three big bombs hit today. bryce harper, ryan zimmerman and mike morris hit incredible homeruns. this place erupted. it's a sold out crowd. everybody was waving their rally towels. everybody was going nuts. history is being made right now in dc. take a listen to what some people say. >> this is the best game to take out the cardinals after they won last year and all of the excitement with scoring 2 in the first inning. it was awesome. >> i came here. i los
, and today was no exception. let's take a look at the highlights. edwin is actually the only nats starting pitcher with any kind of playoff experience. today he lasted five innings giving up four runs early. three of them were off this blast by pete kozma in the top of the 2nd, but the big problem for the nats was at the plate. they couldn't do enough of anything leaving 11 runners on bases, morse 0-4, harper 0-5, not numbers to move on. the nats bullpen couldn't keep the cardinals in check either. they surrendered four runs as the nats dropped game three to the cardinals 8 -0. >> it's going to be tough to score if you don't hit, but i believe in this team and in knees guys. we've been here all year, over 1 -- these guys. we've been here all year, over 160 game season, still the best in baseball. >> we didn't score. they got a nice pitcher out there. he's pitched in some big games. we didn't get it done, but we got five games in the series and one big one to play tomorrow. >> i've had my back to worse walls than this, but i like my ballclub and i think we'll come out, play the game tomorro
celebrate now. >> indeed they did. despite losing their game last night against the phillies, nats fans and players did celebrate the team. the team brought playoff baseball to the capital for the first time since 1933. kristin fisher is live at nats park, one of our favorite places. >> reporter: good morning. can you believe it? for the first time in 79 years we're going to have playoff baseball right here in the nation's capital. feels good, doesn't it. for fans this is something they have been waiting for ever since the nats first came here in 2005. now finally we're division champs. just check out the scene insides the locker room right after the nats left the field last night. absolute craziness insides the clubhouse. coaches, managers, players all getting showered in shame pain. stephen strasburg even did the limbo but not bryce harper. he's only 19 so he shared apple cider with la roche's son. fireworks, beer, more champagne. it was a moment that they have dreamed of for six straight months and yet even after 96 wins, the best record in major league baseball, it was a moment that
cardinals not surprisingly after the game nats fans weren't the slightest bit shy about expressing their bitter disappointment. >> i think they looked like trash. with the best record, it didn't look like it at all, pitchingwise, i mean no hitting. it's just surprising. >> reporter: down 2-1. still have hope? >> oh, we're going to win. nationals come home. when they come home, they always lose the first game because they've been on the road so long. when they get back, they're going to win the second and third game. >> it was fun. they'll be good next year, but we'll season. >> reporter: you're saying the series is over already? >> i'm calling it. i'm calling it. >> reporter: why's that? >> cards are good. nats are good, but cards are better. >> a little disappointed, but i love these boys. i've been feign since 2005. no matter what happen -- a fan since 2005 no. matter what happens here on out they did the district proud. >> reporter: also heard a lot today after the game, a variation of that familiar baseball refrain there's always next year, there's always next game. tomorro
morning at 9:00, tickets go on sale for a potential national league championship series at nats park. a maximum of two standing room only tickets for each game can be bought an line for $45 each. >>> national polls show the race for the white house is neck in neck. the election could come down to those undecided voters in the battleground states. that's where the candidates are focusing their time and resources. susan reports from columbus, ohio. >> mitt romney told supporters in iowa, his policies will boost the economy. >> we're going to take back this country. we're going to keep it strong. we're going to get america going again. >> the republican nominee is headed for ohio where he will spend most of this week. >> question ohio families are asking is, who can bring back the jobs? >> new emphasis on the state and for good reason. no republican has won the white house without carrying ohio. the obama campaign is well aware of this fact and the president boarded air force one for his 14th visit to ohio this year. during previous stops, he is reminded voters he helped rescue the
one of the most dramatic nights fans have ever seen. melissa mollet is live from the nats parks. fans said we can win this thing. tonight, they can back those words up. >> reporter: absolutely. everybody says no doubt the nats are going to win. take a look at the line behind me. it opened at 10:00. 400 people, by our account. they will not say how many tickets are left, but there are no standing room only tickets. no standing room only tickets left. the cheapest at $315 each. they are sure they will all be gone before the game. as the sunrises over nats stadium, the start of a perfect day. it's too bad. these nats fans are sick. >> my head hurts so much. >> my stomach hurts. i have been sweating. >> reporter: let me diagnose you, nats fever. feel what the nats are doing for our city right now, they are energizing, invigorating. playing hard, making us proud. >> it's been amazing. the energy here in d.c. is electric. people with nats hats on everywhere. it's great to be part of something as exciting as this. >>reporter: these die hards spent the night camped out in chairs staying warm
into the playoffs. kristin fisher joins us live from outside nats park in southeast d.c. she has more. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike and andrea. you know, one more loss and it's all over for the team with the best record in baseball. but, you know, a best record doesn't mean all that much when you can't get any runs in the playoffs against the ranking world series champs. yesterday's game, i'll tell you what, it was so frustrating to watch because therwere just so many wasted opportunities. in the words of jason, he said we were just one bloop away from a totally different ballgame. he was slightly right n. three games the nats have stranded 30 runners. they've been outscored 22-7. yesterday they left 11 men on base while getting shutout 8-0. but despite the setbacks, this team hasn't pushed the panic button just yet. listen. >> we lost another battle. we've got a couple more battles we need to win. >> we weren't the best team in baseball for no reasonable. we've got a good group of guys here. there's no doubt we believe in ourselves. >> we've done a great job all year, been
that in perspective think back to 24 hours ago when if you'd asked those very same nats fans, they were a little worried. the strength of this team which had been its pitching when become the weakness. the st. louis cardinals' bats were on fire. they'd gotten beaten so badly tuesday night could. they come back? they weren't quite sure. then came jayson werth last night, a guy who some would say is the weakness for this team, paid so much money for him, hadn't produced like some hoped. he became the strength and now all the attitudes have changed now. everybody thinks the nats will do it tonight. there's only one game between them and the national league championship series. sitting here beside me is dave owens who can talk about just what this team has to go through to get to the other side of this game tonight. >> reporter: the one word that keeps coming to my mind is pressure. that's the thing and an old coach once told me it's one thing to do your job in a normal situation. it's another thing to do your job when it's pressure packed. it's win or go home tonight. we've heard it before. the na
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